i think the term "origami" which roughly translates to folding paper doesn't exactly apply to what Roldan of Dos Palmas creates animal art out of dahon ng niyog and tinging.

I love receiving fruits and flowers like the gumamelas in my hat from an employee in Dos Palmas (picture by: Jerry Joanino)

... but I felt really special when Roldan gifted me with lovebirds tweeting in a heart. It takes a little more effort and creativity than an uberly cute Taylor Swift hand heart or a < and a number 3 which to those who don't know please check out this mathematical equation:

< + 3 = <3
that's a heart by the way!

i love this grasshopper. a lot of people thought that is was real. the little boy in front of me was the happy recipient of this native insect toy =)

fish on a stick!
thank you to mama to for my hat and nicole who hand carried it from the US (i think!)...it has withstood many beach trips.


  1. sEy says:

    Those are lovely pieces of arts. Thanks for sharing them and hope to see one in person.

  1. Ganda mo naman di lang yung paligid.

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