I was invited to go to adidas in Greenbelt 3 to design my own shoe! So, I got on the computer, clicked on a few colors, typed my name on the side of the shoe and tada! i suddenly felt like Missy Elliot with my very own adidas line. Maybe it's a good start. I'll have a running line one day =)


  1. Ivy Rose says:

    cute!! is this available on the philippines? or they made one only for you?:)

  1. wow comment #1! hello ivy rose =)

    you can have yours made in adi, greenbelt...check out the link below. if you're a runner, they'll give you a little barefoot running test to determine which type of shoe is best for you.



  1. roan_jz says:

    nice... luv it.. :D

  1. so nice! i want to have one made for me too! :)

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