*this is a very old post ;)

I was home sick for a good four days. I snuck out to buy fresh milk and some school supplies to put me in a good mood. I found a must-have for this school year which are the LIMITED EDITION iamninoy iamcory Mongol #2 pencils. Man, I wish I could go back to school just so that I could show them off. I'll keep an extra box for the time I take my masters. In the meantime, I've sharpened the pencils with what could now be referred to as a vintage mechanical sharpener (www.officemuseum.com/sharpener_gallery_1800s.htm) and I'll give them away to my cute neighbors who play with my dog Mr. Kung Fu in the afternoons.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Very informative post Ms. Karyle... :)

  1. Ivy Rose says:

    i want those pencils,too..:)

  1. thanks. i think they're out of stock. i feel bad that i only got one box!

  1. roan_jz says:

    sna u can post more pa... :D

  1. sEy says:

    so sad they're already out of stock! I think my only resort now is to go for the stamps as a souvenir.

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