no this isn't a pic taken at the's a pic taken inside the room of the H20 hotel.

Most girls are afraid of cockroaches (like my friends who called their band "Flying Ipis" since they all fear said flying insect. hi @gaki_girl), some people have arachnophobia, and I.. I am slightly ashamed to admit that I am afraid of … fish.

I am perfectly fine at Shang Mactan where the fish are malusog from the bread that the guests feed them in abundance! They swim around you as you sit by the shore. At first I thought I was just scared of scuba diving. I cured this during my diving class by singing underwater. I figured that it was partly the fish I was uneasy with when I found myself singing while snorkeling in Bohol and in last week's trip to Dos Palmas, Palawan. I think my friends got weirded out by all the noise (I'd like to think it was music) I was making underwater as we saw all sorts of fish, a manta ray, an eel, Nemo (of course), starfish and a 1-meter long giant clam!

For those who have difficulty floating around open waters like me, Hotel H2O by Manila Bay is the perfect place for you. You can enjoy the screen saver-like aquariums on the walls of your hotel's Aqua rooms. I just don't know how you'd feel about the fish watching you while you take a bath though because the room is just a big room with no doors and partitions.

The corridors are also very pretty and perfect for picture picture moments for you facebook albums like so…


  1. sEy says:

    Yay! you look gorgeous on that picture and it doesn't show that you are afraid of the fishes...Ikaw ang diwata ng Tubig, hehehe if I got it right...Sanggre Alena!

  1. jolly says:

    nice one K... the place look so sosyal :)) very relaxing plus NEMO is there oh...hehehe

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